Rules & Regulations

  1. Each team must designate a captain and co-captain. Team captains will represent the team in all correspondence and communications before, during and after the event. The co-captain can represent the team during the event when the captain is unavailable. In the event of a protest only team captains and co-captains can file protests.
  2. There will be a pre-race meeting at 12:15 PM; all solo racers, team captains and/or co-captains must be present, but all team members are welcome to attend.  All solo racers and team racers going first must be ready to start.
  3. Registered racers may only give support on the course. Registered racers may supply equipment, tools, or their bike. If a bike is traded then the number plate must be put on the new bike.  Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers.
  4. Water or food may be supplied to any racer by anyone at any place along the course. When taking food or water please take caution not to impede other racers.
  5. Only registered racers, event staff, or media staff may ride the course. Others may walk along the course, yielding to racers.
  6. Drafting is permitted. Drafting can only be done with another racer racing at that time, a team member may not be used to draft.
  7. Racers riding bikes have the right of way over those pushing bikes.  In the event that you are pushing a bike, stay off the rideable portion of the trail so riders may pass.  When lapping another rider call out “passing on your right/left.“ It is up to the passing rider to pass safely.
  8. Short cutting will result in immediate disqualification of the racer’s entire team.
  9. Be respectful. Poor sportsmanship, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior towards a racer, volunteer, event staff or spectator will not be tolerated. The team is subject to a warning or immediate disqualification.
  10. Team captain or co-captain must make all protests. A protest must be written, detailing the incident, witness names, addresses and contact information and signed. Protests may be given to a race director at any time during the race up to 30 minutes after posting of the final results. After review, the race directors will decide on the final ruling.
  11. Please respect other campers. Quiet hours start at 10:00 PM.
  12. All teams and Solos must be logged in before the 12:30 PM start. The racer finishing their lap will sign out with the registrar. The next racer will log in and their time then will log out the next racer time. The racer on deck should tell the registrar their name to make the process quicker. If a racer logs out (completes a lap) and their teammate is not there to race, the clock keeps running! Racers logging out should check the time written down to make sure it is written correctly. Updated results will be posted continually throughout the race at a designated location.
  13. A racer may race consecutive laps. The racer must log in to the registrar the registrar.  The racer then races their next lap.
  14. On 2-person co-ed teams each racer must complete at least one lap.
  15. ***Once on course, a racer must complete his or her lap. However, the team has the option of canceling a racer’s lap and restarting the lap from the log in tent with a substitute. A canceled lap does not count as a completed lap. A team member can cancel a racer’s lap by notifying the team’s registrar at the start/finish tent. The new racers time will start when the canceled racer’s time started. Once a cancellation is made, it cannot be rescinded.***
  16. The race starts at 12:30 PM and ends at approximately 6:30 PM. Each team’s final placing will be determined by the number of laps the team or solo has completed followed by the fastest time completing those laps. Teams and solo racers may finish before 6:30 PM without being disqualified. For example, a team or solo racer that has completed 4 laps with a finish time of 5:00 PM would beat a team or solo racer that completed 4 laps with a finish time of 5:05 PM.  The last lap must be started by 6:00 PM. No racers may head out on course after 6:00 PM. You must notify the Timing Crew when you stop racing. This is important and is a matter of safety.
  17.  In case of a disastrous situation due to weather or any other extenuating circumstance preventing continuation or scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race directors may postpone or cancel the race as of a certain time. The race may be restarted if the weather or circumstances allow. A restart procedure will be put into place at direction of the race director. If the race is cancelled final results will be calculated based on each team’s or solos last completed lap. This is a last resort option.
  18. ***If a racer stops to assist another injured racer, emergency personnel will notify the timing tent with the name and number of the assisting racer. Race staff will then inform the team of the assisting racer to prepare the next rider on their team. That rider will be allowed to start his lap based on the assisting racer’s interpreted lap time which will be based on the faster of either the assisting riders average lap time (2 or more laps) or the teams average lap time.***
  19. Please be safe and have fun!

Rules may be subject to revision.